Ectopic Pregnancy: How to Get Rid Of It?

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Ectopic pregnancy or sometimes called tubal pregnancy is the condition wherein the fertilized egg is attached to the fallopian tube rather than in the uterus. In normal pregnancy, the egg that is fertilized travels through the fallopian tube and then develops in the uterus. In most cases, when ectopic pregnancy occurs, there is no way to solve such problem than to take it out immediately. There's no way to save a fertilized egg in an ectopic pregnancy and continue to conceive normally. If the condition is not treated immediately, there's a possibility of having a more serious problem like heavy bleeding, damaged fallopian tube and even death.

There are number of risks for ectopic pregnancies. One of which is damaged fallopian tubes; however, there are several factors that can contribute to have this kind of situation. Risk factors include cigarette smoking, pelvic inflammatory disease or an infection caused by gonorrhea or Chlamydia, endometriosis; and by any chance, exposure to the chemical called DES before you were born.

Ectopic pregnancy usually has the same kind of symptoms for normal pregnancy, most especially for the first few weeks of conceiving; symptoms like missed menstrual period, weariness, abdominal discomfort and soar breast. But for possible chance of an ectopic pregnancy, visit your doctor immediately if you are experiencing some pelvic or abdominal pain, more likely in one side, and a sudden heavy bleeding.

There are several ways to be sure that you are experiencing ectopic pregnancy or not. Having a urine test is usually done to determine whether you are pregnant or not. Next is to have follow-up tests like pelvic test (to measure the size of the uterus and make sure if there is an abnormal growth that is happening). Blood test is immediately done to determine the level of hormone or the hCG. If the hCG level is low, there is the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. Last is an ultrasound test to visualize what is truly happening inside your uterus.

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